New Oreskes Paper Comes Clean on Linkage to Notorious Climate Lawsuit Mill

Two of the main drivers of the #ExxonKnew campaign are back with yet another study, this time crediting the company for being on target with climate model predictions. These are claims that activists have seized on for years, going back to at least 2019, so the report mentions very little new information and even acknowledges that plenty of other companies and industries also had knowledge of climate change. 

However, it does contain a stunning and long overdue admission from one author of the study, Naomi Oreskes, revealing the extent of the coordination between the climate litigation movement and supposed “academic” research.  

In their decade-long climate litigation endeavor, the #ExxonKnew team, shaped in large part by the authors of this study, have lost in the New York State courtroom, came up empty in a years-long Washington D.C. House oversight investigation, and have been exposed for secret funding and activist coordination. This is just the next page in their failing playbook as they seek to stay relevant.  

Here are major items to keep in mind before cracking the study open. Read the full blog on

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