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New York Governor Says “Get It Done”

When the Joint Landowners Coalition met last week in Binghamton, there was considerable discussion regarding New York State’s progress regarding its regulations for Marcellus Shale development.  Stu Gruskin, former Deputy Executive Commissioner of NY DEC,was the guest speaker and speculated forward movement on the State’s Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement — indicating the new Governor supported responsible Marcellus development.  Less than one week later, we now have concrete evidence that Gov. Cuomo is moving ahead with the timely completion of the SGEIS, which will allow for Marcellus Shale development in New York by next spring.

A May 27, 2011 directive issued by the Governor’s office makes it explicitly clear: New York State will not sit on its hands as Pennsylvania develops its part of the Marcellus Shale play.  While the ostensible purpose of the directive is to ensure the recent well control incident in Bradford County, Pa. is fully taken into consideration in the SGEIS (a good idea, regardless), the real news is in the last line, which tells DEC commissioner Joe Martens, plainly and simply, “Please have the draft SGEIS completed for issuance by July 1,2011.”

New York is moving ahead, folks!  The battle will now shift to the public input process when the SGEIS is released and fighting the inevitable lawsuit from the wealthy anti-gas special interests who want Upstate New York for a playground and the residents of our region for their serfs, while we attempt to survive in what Daniel Henninger called “pastoral poverty.” Fortunately, the Governor is more rational.

This is exceedingly good news!


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