No Joy in Mudville?

Faced with Opportunity to Get the Fact Straight on HF in Letter to EPA, Casey Strikes Out Again

WASHINGTON – Never mind that the safe and steady development of the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania is almost single-handedly responsible for keeping the state’s economic fortunes afloat at a time when the Commonwealth is shedding jobs at a faster rate than all but three states nationwide.

Never mind that this work is responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars for cash-strapped state and local governments, and breathing new life into industries across the state that quite simply would not exist were it not for the historic opportunity that the Marcellus has made possible.

Never mind all that. To Sen. Robert Casey (D-Pa.), the exploration of clean-burning natural gas resources in Pennsylvania represents a “highly variable and unpredictable” enterprise that threatens “health and safety of Pennsylvanians.” And in a letter sent this week to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, Sen. Casey attempts to make that case with the help of several claims, assertions and characterizations associated with the 60-year-old technology used to produce these resources that, upon closer inspection, aren’t quite as accurate as he would have us believe.

Casey Steps Up to the Plate

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