NY AG Attempts to Block ExxonMobil Document Discovery Ahead of Trial

As the October 23rd trial date approaches in the New York Attorney General’s (NY AG) lawsuit accusing ExxonMobil of misleading its investors on the risks that climate change poses to its business, the AG’s office is hard at work trying to prevent the company from obtaining discovery documents that could be crucial to its defense.

After taking more than three months to provide a list of the third-party witnesses it plans to call at trial, the NY AG is now claiming that ExxonMobil should not be allowed to ask witnesses for documents related to the case because it will “impose enormous and unnecessary burdens” on witnesses. This claim—which implicitly denies ExxonMobil the right to adequately prepare its own defense—glosses over how the AG has stonewalled at every opportunity when asked to appropriately provide a list of its anticipated third-party witnesses for trial.

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