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PA DEP confirms that well-water claims not related to “natural gas exploration and production activities”; Calls such claims “unfortunate”

Drinking Water Claims Made Last Week …

Drinking Water An Issue In Marcellus Shale Debate


Jul 23, 2010

Bill Eakin, of Avella, says his once-pristine well water is now contaminated and that it has killed his garden and made him and his wife Shirley ill.

He blames the Atlas Energy Company which has been drilling for natural gas close by for the past two years.

In a statement, Atlas Energy says testing showed that their drilling had nothing to do with the contamination of Bill Eakin’s well.

“The results did not indicate contamination due to natural gas exploration and production activities. We subsequently notified their lawyer of the results and discontinued the courtesy water service that has been provided during the testing process.”

… Debunked by Scientific, DEP Data This Week

DEP Tests Don’t Find Water Contamination
Jul 27, 2010

In a statement, Atlas told KDKA’s Andy Sheehan their tests of the village’s water wells came up negative:

The results did not indicate contamination due to natural gas exploration and production activities.”

On Tuesday, the state Department of Environmental Protection said its independent testing showed the same thing.

“That’s exactly right,” Helen Humphreys, a spokesperson for the DEP, said. “The test results came back with results that are consistent with water in southwestern Pennsylvania.”

The DEP says it also has been unable to verify any contamination cases in the state caused by drilling, even though much of the public believes otherwise.

It is counter to a perception and it’s unfortunate,” Humphreys said. “We really need to be sure that people are seeing the data that we’re seeing.”

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