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Ohio Leaders on Ohio Energy Potential

Energy in Depth – Ohio recently had an opportunity to talk shale with two of Ohio’s state leaders, Speaker of the House Bill Batchelder and Senate President Tom Niehaus.

With recent studies confirming the incredible potential Ohio shale development brings to Ohio’s economic revitalization, it comes as no surprise our state’s leadership shares in our enthusiasm for safe, responsible energy development here in the heartland.

Senate President Tom Niehaus:

The opportunity for jobs is outstanding. We look forward to working with local businesses, as well as new businesses coming into the state, all with the focus of ‘how do we responsibly develop the natural resources we are blessed to have’.

Ohio Speaker Bill Batchelder:

The investments that they make, the risks that they take, the jobs they create, all of those things are crucial to Ohio’s future.

The Speaker and Senate Leader join three of their collegues, Rep. Dave Hall of Millersburg, Rep. Andy Thompson of Marietta and Sen. Troy Balderson of Zanesville in sharing with EID-Ohio their thoughts on the incredible, positive impact shale development will bring to our communities and our local economies.

For that, the EID-Ohio team is thankful!

For more, stay tuned.

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