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Ohio’s Oil and Natural Gas Industry Responds to Youngstown Case

From Rhonda Reda, Executive Director, Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program:

We applaud the prompt response by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency in this investigation. Their swift, diligent action is reflective of a strong regulatory system in which irresponsible behavior will not be tolerated, and are measures we fully support in this isolated incident.  The simple fact is this: there is no room in Ohio’s oil and natural gas industry for operators whose deliberate actions have placed our environment at risk.

Our industry holds itself to the highest standards as good stewards of the community, and good stewards of the environment. Should the state determine that any operation fails to meet these standards, swift action must be taken. Any findings of criminal misconduct should be prosecuted accordingly.

Again, there is no role for operators who knowingly, and willingly, ignore our regulations to cause harm to our environment in our state’s bright energy future.


From Thomas E. Stewart, Executive Vice President, Ohio Oil and Gas Association:

Today, federal charges were filed against the injection well operator accused of illegally disposing of oilfield wastewater into a Mahoning County storm sewer.

We believe that any individual or company that has willfully violated Ohio and/or federal law regarding the proper disposal of oilfield wastewater should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We support the efforts of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management (DOGRM), the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) and the federal government to thoroughly investigate and prosecute this incident.

We applaud these groups for working in tandem and acting quickly to address this unfortunate incident. It demonstrates that Ohio has the appropriate protections in place to appropriately regulate the oil and gas industry and to swiftly punish those who violate laws and regulations.


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