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Ohio Shale Coalition Sees Tremendous Benefits for Ohio

Shale energy has the potential to drive economic development and job growth across the Buckeye State.  From land payments, infrastructure improvements, well construction and pipelines to the rebirth of the chemical industry and manufacturing, the opportunities to create thousands of jobs for Ohioans and achieve prosperity for our state are tremendous.

Earlier this year, the Ohio Shale Coalition released a research study that forecasts major investment and job growth from the development of oil and gas resources in the Utica shale.  The study was conducted by an impressive team of researchers from Cleveland State University, The Ohio State University and Marietta College.

Using very conservative assumptions, the study calculates the new spending that will occur in Ohio between 2011 and 2014.  This includes expenditures made to lease land, make royalty and right-of-way payments, construct roads and bridges, drill and complete wells, and construct the pipelines needed to transport the oil and gas to processing facilities and to the market.

The study’s results show why so many people are convinced shale energy will be a “game changer” for Ohio’s economy.

By 2014 the total value added to Ohio’s economy from development of the Utica shale is expected to grow to $4.9 billion, resulting in a total output, including direct, indirect and induced expenditures, of nearly $10 billion per year.  And, these numbers are likely to continue in this range each year thereafter.

State and local tax revenue will increase too.  By 2014, the study projects that state and local governments will receive nearly $500 million in additional tax revenue.

On the jobs front, the news is even more exciting.  At least 65,680 new or supported jobs will be created by 2014. The majority of the increase in employment during this period will come from oil and gas service companies, where employment will double.  But, the broad effect on Ohio’s economy is evident  by the thousands of new jobs that will be created in fields like real estate, insurance, engineering, law, retail, health care, and personal services just to name a few.  Wages and benefits for workers will grow to $3.3 billion by 2014 and the average income will be more than $50,000 a year.

It’s clearly an exciting time in Ohio.  And, members of the Ohio Shale Coalition are working hard to make sure we realize the full potential of shale energy to drive economic development and job growth in every corner of our state.  If you’d like to learn more about our study or sign up to get our newsletter and help us maximize the jobs and economic potential of shale gas and affordable energy production,  visit our website at

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