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New Database Connects Businesses to Ohio Shale Supply Chain

Earlier this week, papers around Ohio, reported on the highly anticipated Ohio Shale Coalition Suppliers and Supply Chain Database.  The database was created by students at Ohio University using a $100,000 rural business enterprise grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Before the Canton Repository, Youngstown Vindicator, Columbus Business First, Zanesville Times Recorder and others reported on the database, Scott Miller, Director of Environmental Programs at Ohio University explained the site and its benefit to the natural gas industry and other local companies at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Shale Supply Chain Seminar back in June.  The event was part of the Youngstown Ohio Utica & Natural Gas  (YOUNG) series done in partnership with the Ohio Shale Coalition.  EID-O was able to catch part of his presentation on video:

We put all these companies out there and we show folks: here are the manufacturing companies, here are the operation services companies, here are the suppliers, and so on and so forth—Scott Miller, Director of Energy and Environmental Programs at Ohio University (1:22)

According to the AP article, the project mostly focuses on 12 counties in eastern and southeastern Ohio.  However, the database also includes Ohio companies from outside the geographic area.

Ohio University held a conference in Cambridge in April to aid in developing the database.  The conference invited more than 500 leaders in the natural gas industry.  The conference also helped highlight some of the key benefits the database will provide.  The database will allow buyers to identify regional companies based upon searches for their specific needs.  Suppliers will be able to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities within the region and will also help determine supply chain gaps, areas of excellence, and market opportunities. is home to the database, an interactive map, and a survey that give businesses the opportunity to be included on the site.  The interactive map can be seen below:

As the amazing opportunities from shale development expand in Ohio, so too will the database.  According to the media coverage, the next step is taking the database statewide.  This is a clear step towards more economic improvement in the Buckeye State thanks to shale and natural gas.

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