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Ohio Utica Shale Natural Gas Production Jumps 19 Percent in Third Quarter

Ohio Utica Shale natural gas production rose 19 percent in the third quarter compared to second quarter 2017 production, according to Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) production results released this week. Based on reported production from 1,760 shale oil and natural gas wells, the agency reported that shale wells produced 4,165,729 barrels of oil and 460,558,077 Mcf (460 billion cubic feet) of natural gas in the third quarter.

Those totals are up from the 388 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 4,044,072 barrels of oil produced in the second quarter of 2017, representing 19 and 3 percent increases, respectively.

Not only do the results show significant growth since the second quarter of this year, they also show increases over the third quarter in 2016 as well.

Not surprisingly, Belmont County and Monroe County are home to the top 10 natural gas producing wells, with Ascent Resources, Rice/EQT, and Eclipse Resources showing the top producing gas wells.

Guernsey and Harrison counties again take the top spots on the list of highest producing oil wells in Ohio this past quarter, with Ascent Resources, Eclipse Resources, and Chesapeake taking the top spots for best oil wells.

Additionally, the new ODNR results included the following statistics for the third quarter:

  • The average amount of oil produced was 2,367 barrels.
  • The average amount of natural gas produced was 261,681 Mcf.
  • The average number of third quarter days in production was 88.

Currently, Ohio law does not require the separate reporting of natural gas liquids (NGLs) or condensate. Oil and gas reporting totals list on the report include NGLs and condensate.

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