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Ohio vs. “Anywhere but Here”

This weekend showcased the Ohio premiere of the new film Truthland – a movie that sets the record straight on the safe practices and processes used in oil and natural gas development. Drawing in over 200 folks – Ohioans to be specific – the event was a sharp contrast from what we found at the No Frack Ohio demonstration featuring Josh Fox and Bill McKibben which featured many out of state activists.

The irony of these activists coming to Ohio to demand revisions in our state’s oil and gas regulations should not be lost on anyone. Especially following the second major overhaul of our state regulations in as many years with the recent passage of Senate Bill 315.

With that said, EID-Ohio was on the scene for both events, and we were able to capture some thoughts from both sides of the spectrum over the course of both days.

Our event featured many committed Ohioans like Linda Woggon, Executive Vice President of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce:

If you’re like me, you give into your fears so many times. Instead, if we could pick up ourselves and go find out the truth, we would know why oil and gas exploration and production is so important for Ohio. It’s going to mean so much for our economy and people that need jobs—Linda Woggon, Ohio Chamber of Commerce (:16)

Also joining us was Ben Ebenhack Professor of Petroleum Engineering from Marietta College:

I was very favorably impressed by Truthland, I think it was a balanced and reasonable approach to addressing some of the myths that are being spawned around the shale development and I think this is a great event to try to bring people together to think about it and to learn a little bit more about what’s really going on—Ben Ebenhack, Marietta College Petroleum Engineering Professor (:10)

Tom Byers, Organizer for the Local 18 International Union of Operating Engineers also joined us to celebrate the economic revival Utica Shale development has helped bring to the Buckeye State.

A lot more facts in this movie than Gasland—Tom Byers, Organizer for Local 18 International Union of Operating Engineers (:11)

We were also lucky enough to have Mayor William Healy of Canton, OH share some insight into how Utica Shale development is helping his community.

We’re very excited in the city of Canton about the oil and gas exploration and the opportunities that it’s bringing to our community with the job creation—William Healy, Mayor City of Canton (:33)

Sarah Tipka, a local independent oil and natural gas producer, also joined the many Ohio experts who gathered to discuss the responsible development of the Utica Shale.

I was very impressed about the presentation. In the Truthland movie she rebutted every claim and did it in a captivating and sometimes humorous point of view.  We plan to take copies of the movies and have them in the library of our town—Sarah Tipka, local producer (:11)

Of course, these weren’t our only visitors. The picture below shows COSI packed with Ohioans eager to learn about shale development.

SOS Event at COSI

Just a day later many folks claiming to be from Ohio joined the Fox and McKibben rally.  Even though local media claimed Ohioans were a strong presence at Sunday’s Fox and McKibben rally, we met up with plenty of out of state visitors.

Along with videos, there were plenty of out of state license plates to be found. Here are a few of many.

As you can see, our footage over the weekend is telling. While Ohioans celebrated the opportunities Utica Shale development is providing many out of state protesters marched through Columbus as they sought to advance their ideology based solely on their own opinions. It was an interesting weekend to say the least and we are sure there will be many more to come.

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