Oil and Gas Industry Creates New Job Opportunities for Returning Veterans

The American Petroleum Institute (API) has just launched an employment program focused on providing opportunities for our many returning veterans. The new Veteran’s Energy Pipeline website will act as a career portal, matching an applicant’s military skill set with industry job requirements. According to the program overview published on its website,

“Job opportunities in the industry include a wide range of occupations from managerial and professional occupations to skilled blue collar workers in construction, maintenance, transportation and more.”

This program is highly regarded by many military officials.  For example, Navy Adm. Dan Loren stated:

“[The website] is intended to synchronize … [skill sets and industry job requirements]…in a ‘win-win’ scenario.”

While some observers have claimed that oil and gas jobs are unstable due to oil prices, API explains that the “cyclical nature” of the oil and gas industry is nothing new. According to an E&E News article, API President and CEO Jack Gerard explained,

“…the industry is ‘cyclical’ and would rebound, and that veterans would still be heading into stable jobs because he expects coal and oil will continue to be the ‘fundamental backbone of society’ as global energy demands continue to rise.”

API anticipates nearly 1.3 million direct job opportunities will become available in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries through 2030. Not only will our veterans have many opportunities in this expanding industry, they will be well-compensated:

vet final chart

The oil and gas industry has long been a significant job creator and now, thanks to the Veteran’s Energy Pipeline, it will be even easier for returning veterans to take advantage of these great opportunities.

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