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Oilfield Expo Sees Success, Growth in 2012

The 2012 Ohio Oil & Gas Association (OOGA) Oilfield Expo was an opportunity for people to see firsthand how the industry is creating substantial economic benefits for our state. The event showcased all sectors of companies that are growing their businesses due to the Ohio oil and gas industry. Oil and gas producers, attorneys, auto dealers, security companies, financial analysts, contractors, clothing makers and manufacturers and consultants, all aspects of the industry, showcased their wares during the 2013 Oilfield Expo.

The Expo continues to see growth, as this year’s event was moved to the I-X Center in Cleveland due to the need to increase exhibitor space. The extra space was needed, as companies from all over Ohio and many from across the nation, jumped at the chance to display their company and network with key players in the industry. As companies continue to look at their acreage positions in the Utica Shale play, we expect the interest in the Expo to remain high and continue to grow in the near future.

The event was also an opportunity for companies to showcase their latest technological advances in the oil and gas industry. These companies include local Ohio businesses that are experiencing increased sales directly tied to increased Utica Shale activity in Ohio.

The Expo presented the opportunity for those curious about the industry to experience it for themselves. The Expo offered several educational opportunities for those not currently affiliated with OOGA members or the oil and gas industry. From talking to exhibitors at their respective booths about their roles in the industry to educational materials, films and other presentations that were made available, the Expo presented a very unique hands-on educational opportunity.  Besides companies looking to showcase and network, citizens eager to learn more about the industry making such a huge impact in their state traveled to the expo.  Energy In Depth and the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program spoke with many newcomers to the industry about its processes and safety.

We are grateful for the support and commitment of the crowd of 2,500 exhibitors and attendees to our 2012 Expo. Just like the previous Oilfield Expos, we look forward to the continued expansion of this event in 2013.

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