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OK, Happy New Year, Now Get Busy Fighting for Natural Gas in New York

There’s a lot to be thankful for with respect to natural gas and what it’s doing for both the economy of some regions and our environment, but as we head into the new year, we need to get busy and bring both these benefits to the great State of New York.

Happy New Year?

The turning of the calendar page should signify a fresh start, a new beginning, resolutions set, goals established…and hope for new, positive things. For the shale gas faithful, though, it’s more of the same. Another public comment period. More wild assertions from the opposition. Continued delays.

It could all be hang-dog depressing. But the bleak mid-winter has its bright spots. The leaked-by-the-press story on Jan. 3 details an unreleased report from Feb. 2012 that says, in part, that potential health risks from air emissions and water contamination would be largely prevented by proposed guidelines and regulations. The document states that “significant adverse human health impacts are unlikely,” and specifically mentions air emissions, radioactive flowback, and groundwater contamination. Huzzah.

On the same day, the Wall Street Journal opined with good words of support, in short reminding readers that increased use of natural gas has reduced carbon dioxide emissions. Levels are now the lowest in 20 years.  With more energy consumers in the U.S. now than in the ’80s (and those consumers use more energy), this is amazingly significant.

Consider this: the environment is better because of natural gas. The process to extract natural gas is proven to be safe and not harmful to the environment and its people. More natural gas will inspire more innovative uses for natural gas…and the cycle will perpetuate.

waters3 copy

It’s Getting Better All the Time as Natural Gas Benefits
Ripple Through the Economy and the Environment
Photo courtesy of Rance P. Shepstone

So, on the fourth day of the New Year, how can we encourage lawmakers to please, let the work start? It starts with a click on the link below. Lend your voice (even if you submitted a letter during the last public comment period) with others who have shared their wisdom and passion for a better New York through shale gas development. The facts and science are present. It’s a new year. And it can be the transformative year for New York and New Yorkers.

So, now take action.  Start the new year off right!

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