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OOGEEP Announces Industry Approved Training Programs In Ohio

As Ohio prepares for increased oil and gas development from the Utica Shale, Ohioans are looking for the best institutions to train them for this exciting opportunity.  As we reported yesterday, the Ohio Oil and Gas Energy Education Program (OOGEEP) has put together a list of qualified programs to help train those interested in obtaining one of 75 careers in the oil and gas industry.  This list will help job seekers pair up their interests with the best institution possible for their training, ensuring they will be ready for the field when they complete their training.

“The oil and gas industry wants to hire Ohioans.  And to help make the connection between the classroom and workplace, we have diligently been working with educational institutions around the state to certify that they are providing industry specific training so these students can be hired.” — Rhonda Reda, OOGEEP Executive Director

According to a recent IHS study, Utica Shale development has already created 38,000 direct, indirect and induced jobs.  As development continues, these opportunities will continue to grow, which means there will be even more need for Ohioans to fill these positions.  With so many different jobs within the industry, it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all training program to help Ohioans prepare for the increased job opportunities.  To date, OOGEEP has identified programs at more than 70 different Ohio colleges, universities, career centers and technical schools to prepare our workforce.

Those interested in preparing for an exciting opportunity in the oil and gas industry can now utilize OOGEEP’s new redesigned website,, to help pair up the job title that interests them with the Ohio institution to provide the qualified training.

“The information on our redesigned website also allows individuals to search for typical job titles in the oil and gas industry which then offers fact sheets for each job title and the educational institutions that provide qualified training for that job.” –Charlie Dixon, OOGEEP’s Safety and Workforce Administrator

Thanks to OOGEEP’s hard work and dedication, Ohioans will have an easy to navigate website to help them find the proper training for the oil and gas industry. 

“We hope the workforce career and training information on our website will make it easier for individuals to connect their career goals to their education planning.” — Rhonda Reda, OOGEEP Executive Director

This list of accredited workforce training programs in Ohio comes at the perfect time.  With Utica Shale development being in its infancy, Ohioans will have the training necessary as Ohio continues to ramp up development.  Fortunately, OOGEEP has made it easier for Ohioans get the information needed to take full advantage of this tremendous opportunity in Ohio. 

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