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OSHA 5810 Training Coming To Ohio In April

Eastern Gateway Community College and The Great Lakes Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Education Center, in collaboration with RiskControl360°, will be offering OSHA 5810 training in April.  The course is a Hazards Recognition and Standards for On-Shore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production program.  The purpose of the course is to help provide companies and employees involved in the oil and gas industry the tools needed to protect themselves and front line workers by developing knowledge and skills to anticipate, recognize, evaluate and control hazards common to the U.S. on-shore oil and gas exploration and production industry.

This is the first time the OSHA 5810 training course has been offered in Ohio.  With the new development of the Utica/Point Pleasant, there has been a renewed interest in Ohio’s already impressive history.  OSHA saw the need with the renewed interest and Eastern Gateway Community College recognized the opportunity. They will be hosting the training at their campus in Steubenville, Ohio twice in April.

Eastern Gateway Community College and The Great Lakes OSHA Education Center and RiskControl360° are encouraging employees and managers engaged in the oil and gas exploration and production in Ohio to attend as a next step from the SafeLand USA Orientation. The course is focused on training construction, drilling, completion, well servicing, production, product gathering and processing, and product transmission companies and employees, but encourages others involved in the industry to attend since safety is paramount to the industry.

This region of Eastern Ohio is central to the activities associated with the unconventional oil and gas industry, and as development continues to increase, the first priority must be to keep our workers safe. We know that the O&G companies working here are very serious when it comes to safety and we want to support them by providing great programs like this one.- Tracee Joltes, Assistant Director of Workforce Training at Eastern Gateway Community College

To take part, they ask that participants register by March 25 for the April 1 – April 5 session and by April 22 for the April 29 – May 3 sessions.

For more information, those interested in attending are encouraged to contact Shari Bonnell-May at RiskControl360° at (614) 827-0363 or by email at

Courses like these are great opportunity for companies involved in oil and gas development in Ohio.  Since health, safety, and environment are the cornerstones of the industry, it is always good to have these courses offered in Ohio.  With Utica/Point Pleasant development, OSHA saw a need to bring the course to Ohio and it is good to see Risk Control 360 and Eastern Gateway Community College recognizing the need to offer them in Eastern Ohio.

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