Appalachian Basin

*Update VII* Our Epic Dirty Pitcher Billboard Contest

A few weeks ago, we held  a “Dirty Pitcher Contest” to see who could come up with the most appropriate theme for our anti natural gas development friends to employ on a billboard – from our own pro-gas, pro-Dimock perspective of course. We did this as we know the residents of Dimock, PA and many of them are downright fed up with the false claims being perpetuated that their town is a wasteland.  The fact of the matter is that it  is not and its important the truth be told.  In fact, we visited with a Dimock resident recently, more on that here and here.   Loren Salsman, whose home is in the DEP consent order, invited us over for a tour of his property and a taste of his raw well water.

But as all things do our contest has now come to an end.  Our winners will recieve a tour of Dimock so they can see the town for themselves, with their own eyes.   Without further ado, our winner is …..



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