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A Perfect Storm of New York Natural Gas News

There was news all over the New York State natural gas front last week regarding natural gas development, most of it good news, some of it being speculation.  Upstate New York could certainly use some good news given current economic conditions.

You could call last week a perfect storm of facts and speculation.

First, another pro-development advertising campaign rolled out across the state, targeting upstate major metropolitan areas, Albany and the Southern Tier. In newspapers and on the radio, this campaign’s message is simple and clear: New York, it’s your turn.

That invisible line separating New York from Pennsylvania was drawn to mark territory, not to deprive New Yorkers of the economic and environmental benefits of natural gas. Signed by an all-star group of supporters, the campaign is focused on the people who comprise Associated General Contractors of NY, The Business Council of NY, Farm Bureaus in Southern Tier counties, Friends of Natural Gas, Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce, IOGA of NY, Joint Landowners Coalition, Rebuild NY Now, Southern Tier Economic Growth and Unshackle Upstate.

“We’re hard-working men and women struggling to make ends meet and we want the opportunity to create a better life for our families,” said Rebecca Mitchell, resident of Windsor, NY and mother of five, who is a ‘voice’ in the radio spot. “Other states are already responsibly producing shale gas resources without endangering public health, compromising water resources, or harming the environment. It’s time to end the delays so we can do the same.”  Then there is this spectacular advertisement:



At the same time, the expert panel behind the newly-mandated health review impact study was hard at work to meet its December 3 deadline. The DEC was preparing its request for a 90-extension to release the SGEIS, and unveiled the new set of regulations to govern developments…and the usual team of opponents grappled with their next volley of half-truths and complaints for the next public comment period to begin December 12.

While industry is concerned – very concerned – about the impact the new regulations will have on their ability to do works in New York, there is a cautious optimism that progress is being made.

With each passing day, though, some family farms in Chenango move one step closer to foreclosure, New York’s 8.7% unemployment rate languishes while the compressor in Windsor pumps natural gas from Pennsylvania into our state.

New York is ready, more than ready. Watch (and listen) for these ads over the next month. Perhaps these messages and voices will inspire your comment to the DEC. We have the ability to revitalize NY’s economic infrastructure through safe and responsible shale gas development. We can put more people to work harvesting what’s beneath our feet. We can clean up our environment by using natural gas wisely, too. And at the same time we can save a family legacy farm, keep more workers in our state, and beef up our economy.


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