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Pipe Dreams of Natural Gas in Rural Pa. Becoming Reality

There is a lot to celebrate in Montrose, Pa., when we talk about natural gas development.  Not only has the Montrose area been a leader in reaping the benefits of responsible production, but residents and businesses are also now taking steps to use the gas they are getting out of their properties.  Many people in the Montrose area want natural gas in their homes and businesses, and Leatherstocking is going to make this possible.

Leatherstocking – a New York natural gas distribution company which recently obtained public utility status in Pennsylvania – has officially held their groundbreaking ceremony, and pipelines will be coming to the area!

Mike German kicked off the groundbreaking ceremony by informing the audience they were the largest crowd with the most speakers he has ever seen for a utility’s ground breaking ceremony.  He explained that the Leatherstocking crew has also seen enormous support for the project.

The next person to speak was a representative for Governor Corbett.  He wanted to thank everyone and express his overwhelming support on the overall project.  He also told the audience he was happy to hear the local people would be utilizing the natural gas under their feet.

Two Public Utilities Commissioners were on the list to speak as well.  They both support the “local gas for local people” mission of Leatherstocking and they are happy to say 100 percent of the natural gas coming to the area is produced locally.

A representative from the Endless Mountains Health Systems and the local hospital explained why they look at this as a “win-win” situation.  The project will provide a substantial savings for the hospital and they are utilizing a local resource while providing jobs to local people.

The superintendent of schools in Montrose expressed his support to the project next.  He has been the superintendent of the Montrose school district for 13 years.  They are looking forward to heating their schools with natural gas and saving incredible amounts of money in the long run.

There were several others who spoke in support of the project, ranging from local government to state senators.  Leatherstocking holds franchises in several other places, predominantly in New York, and they are planning on beginning their project in Montrose very soon.

The distribution system will bring local gas to local people and enjoys an overwhelming level of support, as was evident from the dozens of people who were lucky enough to witness the groundbreaking ceremony.  It was truly a great day for residents of rural Pennsylvania who never would have had this opportunity without the Marcellus Shale development occurring around them.

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