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Piping the Anti-Gas Agenda in Coventry

Once again, misunderstandings and exaggerated facts have led anti-gas special interests to make a mockery out of local government. The issue this time was the proposed Leatherstocking Gas, LLC, distribution pipeline which would bring cheap and affordable natural gas to homes and business in the rural Chenango County area.

Unfortunately many of the local supporters and bystanders (including members of the JLCNY and me) were barred for entering the board meeting as anti-gas special interests from surrounding areas crowded the parking lot, stood on the main road, and just used the quite little town of Coventry as a stage to push their own agenda.

Apparently, the protesters are worried that eminent domain will be used to forcefully take their property in order to install the distribution pipeline. This is simply not true as the company plans to install the pipeline with in the right-of-way running either side of local roads. This would provide more than enough room to construct the pipeline and limit the amount of property disturbance.

Pipelines, as we know, come in different sizes for a variety of reasons. Check out Pipelines 101: Digging into the Midstream for a more detailed description. This pipeline in particular is for the end user; the people trying to heat their homes during the winter and cook families all year round. Here is local resident speaking about the importance of this pipeline in his area.


For a full write-up on the Town Board meeting please read this article.



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