Poll: Americans Support Hydraulic Fracturing by More than 2-1 Margin

Americans consistently support more domestic energy development, and they also highly value a clean and well-protected environment. So it’s of little surprise that a new poll released today shows that 57 percent of Americans support the use of hydraulic fracturing. Only 22 percent oppose the process, which means nationwide support outstrips opposition by a more than two-to-one margin.

The specific question asked:

“A process known as hydraulic fracturing, sometimes called fracking, is used to drill for oil and natural gas in shale oil reserves. Do you favor or oppose the use of fracking to produce more oil and natural gas in this country?”

The poll fits nicely with other recent surveys conducted that have found strong support for developing natural gas from shale. A survey by Harris Interactive, for example, found that despite “intense negative media focus,” 66 percent of Americans believe that the economic benefits of natural gas far outweigh any concerns about environmental impacts. A poll in October of last year found that 80 percent of Marylanders support natural gas production. In New York, more voters support hydraulic fracturing than oppose it, and in Pennsylvania, voters say — by a significant margin — that the economic benefits of drilling outstrip any perceived environmental impacts.

Nationwide, Americans strongly support more energy development and believe consumers will ultimately benefit.


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