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President Promotes Shale Production…Again

Last week, amidst  the national conventions, President Obama sounded off in an interview with Ron Ponder of WHBC in Canton. As one could imagine, in a show based in Ohio’s “Utica Capital”, energy – and Ohio’s development of the Utica Shale specifically – was a topic of interest.

As Energy in Depth previously reported, oil and natural gas development is enjoying bi-partisan support in the midst of an election year – one of a few issues all sides of the aisle can agree on.

Reiterating previous statements (including a few from this year’s State of the Union address), the President again emphasized his support of the development of our domestic energy resources, acknowledging it’s role in providing energy security and boosting our economic recovery.

I am a big promoter of natural gas as a way for us to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources, but also to create jobs. – President Obama (Obama on fracking: ‘I am a big promoter of natural gas’, 9/5/12)

Reducing our dependence on foreign energy and creating jobs – a cause everyone can promote.

And it’s not theoretical. That was made evident last week as well, as hundreds gathered in Youngstown for the YOUNG Expo to take advantage of the vast opportunities Ohio’s oil and gas industry is providing.

Even at this early stage of development, we are already seeing the positive impact development is having on our workforce. As the Salem News reported, over 8,000 jobs have already been created thanks to Ohio’s development, and there is more to come.

More than 8,000 new jobs have been created in the last year with a direct link to the Utica Shale boom. And that’s just a start, business officials said.

Development of the Utica Shale, described by a top executive of Consol Energy as still in its “infancy stages,” will mean jobs and probably lots of them. (Shale tied to 8,000 new jobs, 9/7/12)

Lot’s of jobs indeed. With over 200,000 jobs projected in the coming years, it’s no surprise everyone from business leaders to elected officials are in full support of Ohio’s – and the nation’s – energy producers.

The natural gas boom that we’re seeing around the country is something that I want to encourage. – President Obama (Obama on fracking: ‘I am a big promoter of natural gas’, 9/5/12)

As Ohio emerges as a leader in domestic energy production, it will continue to be a focal point and example of America’s economic recovery driven by the safe, responsible development of our geological gifts. In a year of politics and football, this industry stands alone as one entity all of us can cheer for.

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