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Private Donors Are Funding Polis Administration Staff Positions In Controversial “Quid Pro Quo” Scheme

A blockbuster story from the Colorado Sun has revealed that private donors are paying the salaries of several key government staff positions in Gov. Jared Polis’ administration in a controversial scheme that uses the power of state government to advance special interests:

“To deliver on his campaign promises and policy priorities, Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is relying on wealthy donors and major advocacy organizations to pay the bill. The Democratic governor is accepting more than $1 million from donors, nonprofits and foundations to pay salaries and costs associated with six top policy positions, according to a review of financial records and other documents by The Colorado Sun in partnership with CBS4 Denver.” (emphasis added)

Typically, government workers are paid by public funds which helps ensure their sole loyalty is to taxpayers and not special interests. But with these staffers’ salaries paid for by private donors, it raises the question of whether their work is truly oriented in the public interest, rather than that of the donors.

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