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Producers Services: Employee Owned and Ohio Grown

Producers Services is adding employees, opening new space and fabricating more equipment thanks to shale development.  At a time when most companies are struggling to stay open, Producers Services is on track to add over 30-40 employees to their Zanesville, Ohio based company. The company is just one of many that sees a new horizon thanks to Utica Shale development.

Producers Services opened shop in 1981 as a well service company providing well fracturing, water pumping and water transfer.  For years they worked around Ohio’s oil fields becoming one of the top well servicing company’s in the state.  As the owners began to think about retirement, the employees wanted to continue to work for the company they had been with through out their careers.  That’s when the employees hatched a plan.  They decided to buy the company instead of allowing the owners to close down operations.  Their idea worked and in 1994 they became an employee owned operation.

Today Producers Services is an ESOP or Employee Stock Option Program, which means each employee gets both a salary as well as stock in their company.  Dan Pottmeyer, President, of Producers Services believes an employee owned company they provide better services because the employees have a vested interest in making sure they have the best company possible.

 All of the companies we compete with are much bigger than we are and yet we can compete with them.  One of the reasons we can compete  is that everybody that works here owns some portion of the company. And that shows in our work ethic in a number of ways.

Being employee owned helps them not only compete but gives them a since of community in their offices and in Zanesville.  When a local plant, Mattingly Foods ,closed their doors about 2 years ago, a lot of the employees were out of work.  Producers Services reached out and were able to put 10 of those recently laid off individuals back to work.

It also helps them keep a low turnover since each employee has something vested in the company.  Producers Services now employs over 70 people in their well servicing and fabrications crews and will continue to grow.

Producers Services has typically serviced Berea and Clinton Sandstone wells since their inception always running two crews to service the wells.  But with Marcellus development happening in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, about a year ago they reworked their operations and put together a Marcellus crew.  In the process they hired 30 new people, mostly Muskingum county residents.

Over the past year or so they have serviced wells in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and most recently Monroe County.  Since their Marcellus crews have been so busy, Producers Services is in the process of adding another 30-40 people to create a new Utica crew.  The Utica crew will be ready to service Utica wells in Ohio by the summer.  They will be the first Ohio based hydraulic fracturing crew for the Utica shale!

But you can’t just have a crew and be able to service a well. And that is what makes Producers Services unique. They fabricate as much of their own equipment as they can. They start off with bare bones Kenworth or Peterbuilt trucks and fabricate them into pump trucks, blender trucks, iron trucks and sand trucks all to their unique specification.  So when they are on a job, they make sure each piece of equipment is suited to fit their needs.  “We use about 12-14 of these pump trucks on each shale well.”  All of those trucks are fabricated in their shop in Zanesville.

Fabrication is no small task.  Since they are fabricating more and more trucks for their crews, they have purchased a 50,000 sq. foot facility in addition to their current location.  Currently they are able to fabricate two trucks every two months and will be able to increase that rate when they move into their new space.

We plan to take and move our fabricating shop there. That will help us grow and build equipment faster, better and really give us a leg up on building that Utica crew as fast as we can.

As shale development continues, Producers Services will be maintaining wells across the region.  Luckily with their expanded space they will now be able to put together trucks and crews as needed to service Utica development as it grows.  As Ohio is focused on new development moving in, we need to remember those who have been here for years and are still investing in our regions economy.  Producers Services is a testament to Ohio’s rich history of oil and gas development.

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