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Profile in Leadership – Wyoming County Landowners Group

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting in on a discussion regarding pipelines hosted by the Wyoming County Landowners Group. In case you are unfamiliar, this Pennsylvania based group is defined by its dedicated leadership and its proactive efforts to educate their members on all facets of natural gas exploration and production that can impact landowners.

An example of the Wyoming County Landowners Group success can be seen in the fact their coalition collectively has an estimated 45,000 acres already leased to Cheseapeake Energy and that they were one of the earliest groups to organize to represent their collective interests. Knowing their good work is never done they are shifting their focuse to educate their membership about pipelines and various other aspects of natural gas development that they may encounter. Here is a write up about the event from their website:

We have been digging through pipeline company documents, listening to web casts, attending meetings and reading regulations in an attempt to level the negotiations playing field.  While we will never be able to acquire the wealth of information and accumulate the expertise that gathering companies possess, we each must start assigning our own values to our property and lifestyle and assessing the risks to our lands, the security of our friends and families and our way of life.

Wyoming County is in Northeastern Pennsylvania (noted by the red area in the map below).  Whether you live in this area or not, if you haven’t already done so please vist the group’s website to become familiar with all the resources they provide. 

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