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Purple Land Management: Proud Partners in Ohio’s Energy Revolution

For Purple Land Management, the state of Ohio is not only the location of our new regional headquarters; it’s also the perfect landscape for our patriotic vision.

While you might call Purple Land Management (“PLM”) green in the energy industry (founded in 2010), we aren’t short on vision. With main offices headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, PLM was founded by two Texas Christian University (TCU) graduates. Bryan Cortney (RPL) and Jesse Hejny (RPL), both Lettermen under the coaching of Gary Patterson, who found a way to model their business after the lessons learned from their iconic coach. Now, the strategy has grown PLM’s office portfolio with our new location in Canton.

PLM is a land services and project management firm that specializes in every aspect of the oil and gas value chain for some of the largest energy producers in the country, including Chesapeake Energy. With a niche for executing projects both quickly and conservatively, while educating the community and giving back, our forward thinking concepts lead the way for the new-age development of energy resources in the United States of America.

Here in Ohio, we’ve been working with local universities like Cleveland State, the University of Akron, and Walsh University to help us source, and hire, some of the most ambitious folks in northeast Ohio. We’ve been boosting the local economy by providing jobs to Ohioans and their families, having created a team of 75 and growing.  With recent studies showing tens-of-thousands of new, shale related jobs created over the next few years, we are proud and excited to contribute to expanding the workforce here.

PLM sets itself apart from other land service companies by focusing on being virtuous stewards of the oil and gas industry. As members of the energy community, including local and national chapters of the AAPL and Young Professionals in Energy, we take pride in educating mineral owners and the public regarding the importance of domestic energy production, and what this means for our soldiers, our safety, and our sustainability.   We work closely with the community to give them the tools they need to make informed decisions concerning the production of their mineral interests.

As the energy revolution has taken off here in the Heartland, PLM is proud to be a leader in this historical energy movement. For both sides, we have a profitable partnership with the state of Ohio, and look forward to working on our nations goal of declaring our energy independence together.

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