Rep. George’s Fact-Free Fact-Finding Mission

Chair of PA House Environment Committee Travels Across the State to Learn  More About Hydraulic Fracturing, Comes Up Empty

WASHINGTON – High school football season may still be five months away, but you would’ve thought it was right around the corner judging by the size and intensity of the pep rally staged by anti-energy activists and like-minded public officials in northeast Pennsylvania last night.

Characterized as a “field hearing” by Democratic state Rep. Camille “Bud” George, who held the event as far away as he could from his home in Clearfield Co., the forum included representatives from the Sierra Club and Clean Water Action league, as well as testimony from a local podiatrist and someone describing himself as a “naturalopathic” physician. The only thing missing? Anyone in possession of real, genuine facts related to responsible natural gas exploration in the Commonwealth.

Maybe we’re a day late and an acupuncturist short on this, but let’s see how last night’s “field hearing” holds up under an EID fact check:


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  2. jim r. says:

    id like to know where all the money from the marcellus shale is going ,the gov. Randell is still going to have a 2 billion dollar deficiet.

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