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Rex Energy Gives Back To Carroll County

This past Saturday, Rex Energy hosted a family BBQ for their leaseholders in Carroll County.  The event featured catered BBQ, rides, a petting zoo and musical entertainment for the attendees.  Hundreds of Carroll County residents turned out to enjoy the free event and learn a little more about the plans Rex Energy has for the county.  But what made this event so special was the contribution Rex Energy made to a local charity.

Tom Stabley, Chief Executive Officer of Rex Energy, made a generous $10,000 donation to the Carroll County Special Olympics to provide for new uniforms and equipment.  This thoughtful donation was presented to Tomi Moore, local coordinator for the Special Olympics, who accepted the check with other coaches and participants.

Rex Donation

Rex Energy raised the funds through a charity golf outing they host every year, from which the proceeds go back to the communities where Rex operates. This year Carroll County received a total of $25,000 of those proceeds.

“As part of Rex’s involvement in the communities where we operate each year we host a charity golf tournament in our headquarter office in State College Pennsylvania.  This year the company raised over $100,000 to be donated to each of the areas where Rex operates, both in Butler County, Carroll County and then in southern Illinois and Indiana.  So this years contributions for Carroll County was approximately $15,000 for some new computer equipment at the Carrollton High School and the also we are very pleased to announce the donation for $10,000 to the Carroll County Special Olympics.”—Tom Stabley, CEO, Rex Energy

With no dedicated funding for the program, Rex Energy’s donation was much needed for the team.  More than 100 Carroll County residents compete in basketball, bowling, cheerleading or track events locally and in Columbus. Rex Energy’s donation will help replace uniforms and equipment that are close to eight years old.

“We have a lot of volunteers who pitch in and help all of the time and it is a joy to work with these kids.  And I am so pleased that Rex Energy has seen the great need we have down here because I do not have my kids go out to solicit or earn money.  I go to the community and the community does us very well and that is how we support ourselves, basically by community support.”—Tomi Moore, Local Coordinator, Carroll County Special Olympics

In addition to having a great day for a BBQ, Rex Energy made a difference for those individuals participating in the Carroll County Special Olympics – just one of many examples of how the industry in Ohio gives back to the communities in which it has the pleasure of operating.

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