Rex Tillerson to Testify in NY AG Case

he first week of the New York attorney general’s trial against ExxonMobil didn’t go as planned for the state… to put it mildly. After being reprimanded by New York Supreme Court Justice Barry Ostrager for wasting the court’s time on multiple occasions, last week concluded with Justice Ostrager threatening to rest the case early after the NY AG failed to bring additional witnesses during their allotted time. This week, the Justice Ostrager has already criticized a NY AG video deposition for having “no relevance to this case whatsoever.”

Enter: Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil’s former CEO, who will testify Wednesday morning. Like the preceding investigation, the NY AG’s office will likely make much-ado-about-nothing, and may even attempt to vilify Tillerson’s use of two separate email accounts as part of his role as CEO of the company.

The catch? Justice Ostrager already dimissed this narrative at the pre-trial hearing, saying “no harm, no foul,” in response to the issue.

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