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Robinson Township Permit Issue

Update (9:45 a.m.; Mar. 7, 2013): Editor’s note on Robinson Twp. post

The post that previously occupied this space on our blog was removed by me earlier this morning. The item dealt with an ongoing debate in Robinson Twp., Pa. centered on a recent decision by a township supervisor to deny a standard conditional-use permit to a local oil and gas operator, thus preventing local residents (who have been vocal in their support for natural gas exploration) from developing the minerals they own.

The entry generated a number of responses in the comments section, with several of our visitors expressing concern that the focus of the piece was misplaced: with too little research on why the permit should not have been denied, and too much on the motivations and personal circumstances of the actual township supervisor who denied it. I agree with those comments, and share those concerns. And I apologize for the error.

Chris Tucker — Operations Lead, EID


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