Rockefeller Echo Chamber Activated Ahead of ExxonMobil New York Attorney General Trial – 5 Things to Know

The trial between the New York attorney general and ExxonMobil kicks off in New York today. In the lead up, we couldn’t help but notice that the Rockefeller echo-chamber seemed to be in full force, giving new life to the term “orchestrated campaign.”

As we know from a meeting of activists hosted by the Rockefeller Family Fund (RFF) back in 2016, and the infamous 2012 La Jolla conference, the campaign against energy producers like ExxonMobil has been organized from the beginning to turn public opinion against the company, using the courts, research reports, paid-for media coverage and the political arena as avenues for doing so.

And just days before the New York attorney generals’ lawsuit was set to begin, all these areas were activated as a part of a coordinated effort. Even still, editorial boards in New York are calling out the attorney general’s farce. The New York Post called the case “a shameless exercise in prosecutorial abuse,” while the Wall Street Journal called it a “show trial.”

Visit EID Climate to read the five things you need to know about this trial.

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