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Rust Belt Revival Under Way in Kent

One thing becoming very clear is that the Buckeye State’s economy is slowly being transformed thanks to the development of  the Utica Shale.  It seems that an Ohioan can’t pick up a paper without seeing a report of a business taking root, or expanding, in Ohio thanks to the shale beneath our feet.  In the past few months our state has seen a barrage of nearly thirty articles focusing on jobs resulting from responsible shale development that has only just begun.   One of these good news stories is MAC LTT, a liquid tank trailer manufacturer in Kent, that has created more than 60 jobs, with 200 additional jobs expected next year.

MAC LTT  is the biggest new employer to come to Kent since Land O’Lakes arrived in 1983.

Jim Maiorana, MAC LTT’s president, said the Kent facility is producing trailers that are in high demand for the oil and gas industry in the state.

Ohio Governor John Kasich celebrated the grand opening of MAC LTT in November while on a jobs tour throughout Ohio. In recounting his visit the Governor expressed promise in the facility:

I got a sense that if things go the right way over the course of the next couple of years, with the possible development of Utica Shale and the natural gas that we could capture, we may be building a heck of a lot more trucks than you could even think about, Kasich said. And that’s what we’re hoping for.

Gov. Kasich cuts the ribbon at the MAC LTT grand opening in November. From left are MAC LTT’s Terri Maiorana; MAC LTT President Jim Maiorana; Kent Mayor Jerry Fiala; Kasich; MAC Trailer CEO Michael Conny and MAC Trailer’s Jennifer Conny.

Kasich is talking, of course, about an impending revolution for Ohio in the form of a new energy supply that is already reviving our manufacturing sector, creating thousands of jobs and helping  reduce our dependence on foreign sources of energy.

People thought manufacturing was dead, Kasich said. Well, they’re dead wrong.

MAC LTT employees are seen working on a liquid tank trailer.

The sentiment expressed by Governor Kasich is also shared by a recent study, assisted by the National Association of Manufacturers, which foundthat shale development has the potential to create 1.6 million jobs in the United States through 2035.

As is noticed in Kent and the recent study, shale development is providing real jobs for everyday Americans while leading a revival of industries that once supported our livelihood and communities.  As responsible development continues a rust belt future seems like a thing of the past for communities like Kent, and others, who are experiencing an economic revival thanks to responsible shale development.


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