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Senator Bob Casey Caters to Movie Stars and Disappoints Landowners

Editor’s Note:  This post reflects the personal opinion of the writer.  Energy In Depth does not endorse or oppose political candidates.

Betty Sutliff, Pennsylvania landowner is very disappointed in Senator Robert Casey, who met with New Yorkers and movie stars Debra Winger and Mark Ruffalo but won’t meet with her landowners group to discuss the same issue – natural gas.  She essentially asks “Whose Senator are you, Mr.Casey?”

I sent a very similar email to the one below to Senator Casey over two years ago and got a form letter in response.  During the following year and a half, others in our group sent letters to him and received almost identical form letters back.   Here is the substance of what I wrote then and am sending again.

The Honorable Robert Casey (US Senator)
383 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

I am third generation on our family farm in Damascus Township.  My great-grandfather lived on the land that borders us.  I attended Galilee Grade School and my husband attended Damascus Grade School in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  We both graduated from Damascus High School in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  I graduated from Mansfield STATE College in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and  received my master’s degree from Marywood University in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  I taught for 36 years for Wayne Highlands School District in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  My husband, after doing two tours of Vietnam with the US Seabees, worked twenty-seven years as an equipment operator and foreman for PennDOT in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our three children also attended Damascus Grade School and Honesdale High School in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Our oldest daughter is a graduate of Mansfield and Wilkes University in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Both of our girls live and work in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Our son, after doing four years with the US Coast Guard, lives in Wayne County and is a correctional officer at the STATE prison in Waymart in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.



I am incensed to think that you, a senator representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, went out of state to New York City to meet with natural gas opponents, Mark Ruffalo and Debra Winger, movie stars who do not even own land, live in, or vote in Pennsylvania.   Yet, you would not meet with the leaders of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance,  a block of over 1,500 families and mostly your constituents. Perhaps, you were too busy shooting hoops with the President, that is, when he wasn’t appearing on Letterman or The View, or were you, like he,  blinded by the lights of Hollywood?  We may not be movie stars, but we vote and guess where!

Years ago my husband and I appeared in a photo on the front page of the Wayne Independent shaking hands with your father.  We have met most of your family and have voted for your father,  your brother, and you.   However, the slogan, “YOU’VE GOT A FRIEND IN PENNSYLVANIA” should be changed to “YOU’VE GOT A DISAPPOINTMENT IN PENNSYLVANIA,”  and that disappointment, Senator Casey, is you.


Betty Sutliff
Damascus, PA

Betty is on the Executive Committee of the Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance


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