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I’m Sending Back My Mug (But Keeping the Tote Bag)

Cherie Messore
Director of Public Affairs — IOGA-NY

I can admit this here among friends: I’m a radio geek. Particularly public radio. I’ll listen to anything that ends with “this program was underwritten by….” I even had a wicked crush on former NPR president Kevin Klose (yes, even though he’s a Canadian). But those days are gone. Here’s why:

NPR’s “On Point” radio program is going to be broadcast live from Buffalo, NY tomorrow, and one of the hours will be devoted to the natural gas industry. An IOGA member who is a very active and articulate member of our Speaker’s Bureau was being courted as a guest – and was, just like that, was discarded.

The bright and cheery producer informed me that the panel is balanced because it’s comprised of a local radio reporter, a nationally-known journalist and a scientist, with no environmentalist or industry rep secured to add commentary. Who are these folks, I asked innocently? The local radio reporter I knew: he hosted another radio panel discussion last month (OK, he was intelligent and very well prepared; I was in the audience), a ProPublica author (three guesses where he comes down) and Robert Jackson of Duke University – who was responsible for putting together this piece of work.


So: this is what passes for a nationally-broadcast discussion on the state of the natural gas industry?

Point your browser to at 10 a.m. (EST) actually 11 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) to listen to “On Point,” hosted by Tom Ashbrook and be prepared to call in or email in your comments. Your voice will add credibility and robustness to this essential conversation so join in. Trust me, the listening audience needs you.


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