Shady Climate Group ‘Releases’ Industry Documents That Were Already Publicly Available

Kert Davies’ Climate Investigations Center (CIC) is at it again, trying to create a scandal by releasing cherry-picked documents from Imperial Oil’s publicly available archive, even as CIC was slammed by a non-profit group Thursday for “using dishonest and potentially unlawful business practices and wasting tax dollars to engage in its investigations.”

Anti-energy activists have spent years trying (unsuccessfully) to prove #ExxonKnew. This week was more of the same—literally—as DeSmog Blog and the CIC launched another collection of documents from an ExxonMobil Canadian subsidiary, Imperial Oil. Lost in the hype was the fact that the documents are as stale as the story the activists are still trying to sell and have been publicly available for years.

Learn more about CIC, and the charges against it, at EID Climate.

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