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Shale Jobs Up 17.7% In The Utica This Year

A recent Ohio Department of Job and Families Services (ODJFS) shale report shows core industry jobs in the Utica grew nearly 18 percent in the fourth quarter of 2012 and were up an astounding 17.7 percent from the fourth quarter of 2011.  The increase in jobs is not the only thing worth noting from the report:  Not only has core shale-related employment increased at an amazing rate, but wages earned in the industry in Ohio are $32,401 greater than the state average.

This is great news for not only eastern Ohio where shale development is taking place, but indeed throughout the entire state.  In the Utica Shale producing region, the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth region of the state saw core industry jobs grow by nearly 28 percent.  In the Dayton Development Coalition region, core industry jobs grew by 42.6 percent, showing that you don’t even have to be in the shale region to benefit from Utica Shale development.

Here are a few additional items from the ODJFS Report worth mentioning:


  • The average wage across all industries was $44,242.
  • The average wage in core shale-related industries was $76,643, which was $32,401 greater than the average for all industries.
  • The average wage in ancillary shale-related industries was $58,908, which was $14,666 greater than the average for all industries.  It should be noted that although the average wage in Ohio is $43,687, these wages tend to be much lower in eastern Ohio where the majority of the wage associated with shale development takes place.


  • Core shale-related industry employment (such as pipeline construction and well drilling) was up 1,319 (17.7 percent).
  • All industry employment was up 76,083 (1.5 percent).

It should be noted that some ancillary jobs were lost, but the majority of this unfortunate job loss was caused not by natural gas development, but due to closed steel plants officially laying off employees and outdated electric utilities shutting down.

New Businesses Established:

  • 40 core business establishments were added.
  • This represented 6.4 percent growth in the core industries

 Online Job Postings (2013 Q2)

  • There were 6,052 online job postings statewide in core and ancillary shale-related industries.
  • Job postings increased in the Appalachian Partnership for Economic Growth region 34.5 percent in the second quarter 2013 when compared to second quarter 2012.

The ODJFS jobs report shows continuing investment in the Utica Shale is producing good paying jobs for Ohioans, not only in the development region but across the whole state.  While shale development is still in the early stages here, it is already having a tremendous impact.  Hopefully folks will take a closer look at the open job postings from the state and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.


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