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UPDATE: Shale Student Group Learns About the Industry

UPDATE (3/15/13 8:00 am ET): Ohio’s State student group, the Buckeye Shale Energy Organization has had quite the influence since its inception.  They’ve met with big and small companies involved in Utica development, held networking events, and have garnered attention from the industry.  Now, they’re helping to expand the group to another university deep in Ohio’s shale region.  Youngstown State University is starting their own chapter of BSEO as Youngstown State Shale Energy Organization.  Three students, Marcy Angelo, Lauren Tadla, and Sarah Perrine have decided to start the organization after realizing many students weren’t getting the facts.

Alex Sava, co-founder of Ohio’s State’s group and EID guest blogger, was contacted about a group of students at YSU looking to start a similar organization.  Sava, Professor Jeff Daniels, and BSEO Secretary Drew Janek, met with the students over winter break and gave them as much information about the organization as they could.

Marcy Angelo, a junior geology major at Youngstown State, explained to EID why she and fellow students felt like their school needed a group like BSEO:

The three of us started this organization in hopes of educating people at the university about drilling for oil and gas. We feel many people are naive and unaware of the facts; we want people to see both sides. Although it is a slow start, we hope to grow and really reach out to people. I’m excited about the organization because it is giving me a different angle to learn about drilling–Marcy Angelo

Energy In Depth has no doubt the group will have a major impact on the conversation about the Ohio’s shale development and the opportunities it provides.  We look forward to working closely with the Youngstown State Shale Energy Organization as they grow.

–Original post from September 27, 2012–

This week, EID-Ohio traveled to Ohio State University  to attend a gathering of the Buckeye Shale Energy Organization. Comprised of students in engineering and geology, the group is led by Dr. Jeff Daniels of OSU’s School of Earth Sciences.  Last year was the group’s inaugural year and through involvement fairs and classroom visits, the group has expanded to 20-25 active members.

Their goals include educating interested students on the various topics associated with the shale industry, assisting in networking opportunities between employers and hard working students interested in the field, supporting professors, companies, and researchers in projects and events, and uniting students and/or professionals who are interested in energy exploration in Ohio.

BSEO’s President, Vince Melillo explained the group’s objectives, upcoming events, and why they were gathering yesterday:

Basically, the main two purposes of the Buckeye Shale Energy Organization are to connect interested students to the industry leaders here in Ohio for the shale industry, and also to educate students who know a little bit about it but would like to know a little bit more about what’s coming here to Ohio—Vince Melillo (:21)

Yesterday, the group met to view a presentation from Tom Layman, VP of Geoscience Eastern Division at Chesapeake Energy.  He was in Columbus for a recruiting trip, hoping to pique students’ interest in Chesapeake and conduct some interviews with geology students.  In his presentation, he gave an overview of Chesapeake: how the divisions are split, the different plays they are involved in, and how much oil and gas they are producing.  He focused on the geosciences department and what they do.  Layman explained in depth the different internships available to students and the ongoing training Chesapeake allows their employees to take part in.  He emphasized that Chesapeake hires “lifetime learners”.

We had a chance to speak with Layman about his visit and the Utica Shale:

Yes it will certainly bring a lot of opportunities, it already has, there are students that are getting full time positions and internships with energy companies—Tom Layman (:27)

This won’t be the last event BSEO holds to network with energy companies.  November 8th, the group will be hosting their second annual Student-Industry Multi-University Networking Event.  They hope to have around 30 companies in attendance to network with students interested in the shale industry.

It is exciting to see students noticing the industry that is changing Ohio’s economic landscape and providing jobs to graduates.  It’s clear that these bright students will be an asset to the shale industry as they continue to learn more.

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