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Smith Dairy Goes Green and Clean in CNG Transition

Smith Dairy, a local dairy that opened for business in 1909, recently made a public announcement that they will be convert their entire fleet of large diesel power trucks to run on compressed natural gas or CNG. The local dairy that many Ohioans know and love are investing 1.5 million for two CNG pumps at their Orrville headquarters and are  going to make the pumps  available to the public. The transition will bring significant savings for the dairy, and its customers, and Given natural gas is  the cleanest burning fossil fuel the transition is a win for Ohio air quality as well.

The station is expected to be up and running by July of this year and from the dairy’s perspective the sooner it comes online the better as they expect to save around $2.00 a gallon by using CNG vs gasoline or diesel. That adds up quickly when applied across a large fleet of vehicles and will help the dairy cut costs which it can pass on to its customers.

Ariel Corp based in Mount Vernon, Ohio is also seeing a direct benefit from the transition as Smith Dairy is using Ariel compressors as a major component of the CNG station.

The video below highlights remarks from Smith Dairy President Steve Shmid just before the ground breaking of the project, Smith said:

“We’re building something to make this earth better today and for our kids, I’m excited to get it all going.”

What is a CNG compressor station and how does it work? In the below video Mr. Michael Hosfeld, General Engineering Contractor with Vocational Energy explains the technology.

This ground breaking decision by Smith Dairy is going to save precious capital, protect the environment, keep jobs in Ohio, and show other companies  how CNG adoption can help them improve Ohio air quality and protect their bottom lines all at the same time.


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