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Stark County Oil & Gas Partnership Connects With Industry

The Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership’s mission is to connect the labor, business and education communities of Stark County to Ohio’s oil and gas industry.

On March 21st the partnership is holding an event in Massillon to do just that. Members of those groups and communities have been invited to network and connect with each other and the industry as development in the Utica shale region continues. As it is often said, we are very early in this shale play and over the next few years as development continues its steady climb, companies and the workforce need to ready, willing and able to rise to the opportunities that are presented by the industry.

Join the Stark County Oil and Gas Partnership

Thursday, March 21st

Knights of Columbus, 988 Cherry Road, NW, Massillon

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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This model works because all of the players that have a stake in seeing natural gas development in eastern Ohio reach its full potential have come together to make sure that they benefit from the creation of new jobs and the billions of dollars in new investment.

There are several key players in the partnership.

Local government has a role and that is to make sure the communities stay business friendly and create a welcoming culture. The local communities in Stark County that are involved are:

In addition to local government there are many active chambers and economic development agencies in Stark County that see the tremendous benefits of having the companies, either the producers or those in the supply chain, set up shop in Stark County. That way, those dollars will be spent within the county. The local chambers involved are:

The third part of the partnership is the workforce. Both labor and high education have access to opportunities within the shale play. Stark County is blessed with several higher education institutions with the largest being Stark State College. Stark County has a long history of organized labor working with business and the oil and gas industry. Those organizations involved are:

Energy in Depth also has been active with the partnership as they are an organization that promotes the idea of development and sees the natural gas industry as an equal partner in helping bring Stark County new jobs and investment. There will be more networking events throughout the rest of this year that will focus on upstream, midstream and downstream.

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