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The Sunday Shale Show: Guest John Thune, United States Senator, (R) South Dakota

Energy in Depth – Ohio sat down with U.S. Senator John Thune (R) South Dakota on the Sunday Shale Show to talk about some of the key issues of the day regarding natural gas development in Ohio and todays current regulatory structure and what role the federal government should have with regard to regulating natural resources development across the county.

I think it’s encouraging to see us here in this county generating energy in the United States that can be used here and it lessens the dangerous dependence we have foreign sources of energy – United States Senator John Thune (R) South Dakota

Senator Thune comments about how shale development does not come without its challenges. Challenges however that have been overcome by people in government working together to solve them. The Road Usage maintainance Agreement is one such example.

Energy in Depth – Ohio thanks Senator Thune for joining us to talk about natural gas development and what impacts he and the great people of the Dakotas have seen and for sharing with us what we can expect in Ohio. Given today’s current regulatory structure and economic climate, Ohio has much to gain from the exploration and production of natural gas. These are exciting times in Ohio and with the Senator Thune’s leadership, companies working directly or indirectly with the oil and gas industry will surely continue to benefit because of all of this growth and potential.

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