The Sunday Shale Show: Guest Pete MacKenzie, Geologist

For this weeks Sunday Shale Show, Energy in Depth – Ohio sat down with, Mr. Pete MacKenzie, geologist, exploration geoscientist, and the President and Founder of local MacKenzie Land & Exploration, Ltd.

In our discussion on some of the key issues regarding the oil and natural gas potential in Ohio, and what role our state’s geology has in the development of the Utica Shale.

Mr. MacKenzie was able to share some background on the Utica Shale formation, and why it’s so important to Ohio’s energy future:

 This is not new, its technical and mechanical process, that varies depending on the rock. – Pete MacKenzie, Geologist

Mr. MacKenzie comments on how oil and natural gas development is not new to our state, but many in Ohio have not recognized its role and have questions regarding its development and the processes involved.

Energy in Depth – Ohio thanks Mr. MacKenzie for joining us on The Sunday Shale Show to talk about natural gas development. Given today’s current regulatory structure and economic climate, Ohio has much to gain from the exploration and production of natural gas.

These are exciting times in Ohio, and, with the experts like Mr. MacKenzie and geologists like him providing leadership working directly or indirectly with the oil and gas industry, will surely continue to benefit in its growth and potential.

Stay tuned for the next Sunday Shale Show!

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