Texas Natural Gas Production Still Soaring, Powering the Economy

Natural gas production in the state of Texas has seen impressive gains in the last ten years. In 2014, production topped 8 million cubic feet and the number of natural gas wells reached 104,074 billion cubic feet (bcf). Based on the latest monthly production data from the Texas Railroad Commission, it appears that these numbers will hold steady in 2015, despite the current price decline.

Natural gas comprises a huge portion of the Lone Star State’s energy makeup thanks to fracking and other drilling technological advances. According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States is now the world’s leading producer of natural gas and Texas is pulling its weight to help our nation keep its top spot.

In addition to being a major producer of natural gas, Texas also puts that natural gas to good use. According to the EIA, last week Texas’ consumption of natural gas used to generate electricity reached a record high level. In other words, Texas consumes more natural gas than any other state in the nation –and that’s leading to healthier air for Texans. As EID has reported before, natural gas reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while complementing the use of renewable energy sources.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy has repeatedly touted the benefits of using natural gas as a power source. According to McCarthy:

            “Natural gas has been a game changer with our ability to really move forward with pollution reductions that have been very hard to get our arms around for many decades.” [emphasis added]

In addition to its environmental benefits, this swell in natural gas production is contributing major gains to the economy. Jobs have been created in all areas of the country thanks to natural gas production from shale and the supply chain jobs need to support this production. Natural gas has such a stellar track record of job production that even the president has remarked on the impressive employment gains seen from natural gas.  At a speech last year, President Obama explained:

            “Meanwhile, our 100-year supply of natural gas is a big factor in drawing jobs back to our shores. Many are in manufacturing – the quintessential middle-class job.”

Whether it is being used to reduce CO2 emissions, create jobs, or simply to turn on the lights, natural gas is showing its strength and staying power as it continues to power the state of Texas.

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