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The Anti Natural Gas Cult of Hypocricy

Cris Pasto says it’s time for the anti-natural gas crowd to start practicing what they preach.  If you’re going to protest natural gas, stop using petroleum based products.

The anti-natural gas cult will stoop to any low as the end justifies the means.  The end game for them is to “kill the drill,” period.  I believe if they succeed in their foolishness, it will be more than just the end of natural gas development.  It will likely be the end of what’s left of our economy eventually.  In the near future it will be the end of the lifestyle the anti’s themselves seem to enjoy.  The anti-natural gas cult is nothing less than a group of hypocrites, to put it mildly.

If they were genuine, it seems they would stop using petroleum products in transportation, heating, and consumer goods.  Professor Ingraffea’s natural gas pipe leading into his home would run dry.  The protesters would have to come up with gas masks made of hemp.

If they were to stop driving cars and start driving horses, then usage, emissions, and demand would decrease.  With less demand on fossil fuels, the price would drop for those of us that enjoy using them.  Note that they would need to raise their horse feed without the use of manufactured fertilizer and fossil fuel powered tractors or tractors at all for that matter.

If they stop using oil, we won’t need the natural gas so much.  If they stop using natural gas, maybe we can get by on a little conventionally drilled gas at a premium price.  They need to halt the use of plastics.  They need to saw their lumber and firewood by hand.  They need to light their homes with candles they make from beeswax I suppose.

They need to stop painting their house, stop repairing their roof, stop using the roads, stop visiting a hospital or doctor’s office, stop wearing most clothing, stop grocery shopping, stop watching TV, stop all sensible activity and move into a cave somewhere dug by hand.  Note that “by hand” means by hand.  No manufactured tools permitted!  Use your fingernails!

How will they mine for their silicon to manufacture their solar panels?  Oh that’s right, they are made in China where they are allowed to use fossil fuels and function in general.  How will they power their rare earth strip mines to build every 2,000 lb. neodymium magnet for each windmill?

Oh I almost forgot, we don’t have any of that stuff being produced in the U.S. except for Molycorp Rare Earth mine which should come on-line soon powered up by natural gas.  How will they pump their radioactive sludge from the mines to the open pits?  How will they mine for their lithium or nickel-cadmium batteries?  If they can’t do all the green-energy mining, I will miss the pretty colors of the nickel mine runoff floating down the Sudbury and Ontario rivers.  What will they do to replace the 200 gallons of oil used to lubricate each wind turbine that needs replenishment after it eventually leaks to the green land beneath.

Let’s face it, they are not genuine and they won’t give these things up.  In fact, they keep using more natural gas than ever.  I’m told a Spencer village board member vocally opposed to natural gas development just had it piped into his home and likely paid for it from Pennsylvania gas well royalties they receive, yet they oppose it for others.  Absurd is an understatement.

PS:  No hitchhiking & no dumpster diving allowed!


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