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The JLCNY Calls On Cuomo To Support Natural Gas

RachaelThe Joint Landowners Coalition of New York is calling on Governor Cuomo to take action to save the Southern Tier.  They are urging people to write, email, or call Governor Cuomo’s office expressing their support for natural gas. 

Here is a recent JLCNY letter that is well worth reading.  Click it to go to their website for access to the recommended sample letters, or just read more below.

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There are now six letters to sign and send, all of which can be found at the JLCNY website.  Links to each are also listed below:

Letter 1

Letter 2

Letter 3

Letter 4

Letter 5

Letter 6

Over 600 letters to the governor were also recently generated from meetings that took place in the Southern Tier.  The JLCNY says it wants 10,000 letters, and natural gas supporters are advised to take its lead and not stop at just one letter.


Our friends on the other side are flooding the governor’s office every day with hundreds of repeat letters.  Hopefully, some of you can give them a run for their money and your land by helping with this JLCNY campaign.  Let me leave you with the common sense message from one of the letters (No. 6) that pretty well says it all:

Dear Governor Cuomo:

What happened to common sense? The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) has not lost track of common sense. When questions concerning roads, land disturbance, water pollution, air quality, local economics and jobs have arisen the JLCNY has not only investigated the science, but we have also taken the common sense approach of visiting locations where gas development is taking place and contacting local, state, and federal officials familiar with those areas.

For example in 2008 we contacted all of the state environmental regulators belonging to the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (set up by congress in 1932) to ask if there has been any incidents of groundwater contamination as a result of hydraulic fracturing. We followed up in 2010 with the same group and both times the answer from everyone was no. Common sense approach? Concerning roads, economy and jobs we contacted public elected officials in Bradford County, PA.

Roads are better, economy is better, and the unemployment rate is the lowest in PA. Common sense approach? During the EPA hearing in Binghamton the JLCNY member speakers and later in writing asked the EPA to investigate the water quality complaints in Dimock, PA. The EPA has done that and found no evidence of contamination as a result of hydraulic fracturing. Common sense approach?

Why haven’t our state officials taken a similar approach? The antidevelopment activist have further asked for delays based on some preconceived but as yet undocumented health concerns. Recently the Director of Memorial Hospital in Towanda, PA was on the radio in Albany stating that they have not had any health related issues as a result of natural gas development. Towanda is smack dab in the middle of the most active area.

Wouldn’t it make common sense to visit or at least talk to the regulators and officials from these areas? Instead it appears that the antidevelopment activists are running the process. Recently, at a press conference in Binghamton you were even threatened as one of them stated that they are sending a letter signed by 100 of your largest donors. The antidevelopment activists are using the same delay, delay, delay tactic that they’ve been taught, with their ultimate goal being that all the delays will circumvent the good sense that should prevail. Do not buy into their tactic.

Show that you understand what good common sense is.

Let’s get back to common sense and move forward.

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