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The Natural Gas Industry Giving Back to Real Heroes

The natural gas industry is at it again, sponsoring a sporting clay tournament to benefit two great veterans’ groups in Pennsylvania! The industry has sponsored clay shoots before, but the one coming up is extremely special as we wrap up our Memorial Day celebrations.
  Cabot Oil and Gas is sponsoring a Sporting Clay Tournament to benefit two different veterans’ groups in Pennsylvania.  Southwestern and Wier-Seaboard are also sponsoring the event.  The industry has sponsored clay shoots before, but the one coming up is extremely special as we wrap up our Memorial Day celebrations.

Memorial Day weekend has just passed, but it’s important to remember the many sacrifices the individuals in our armed forces make on a daily basis–and we should do it more than just one day out of the year. That’s why Cabot Oil & Gas, Southwestern, Weir-Seaboard and other companies affiliated with the natural gas industry are participating in a sporting clay tournament in June.  The veterans who will benefit from this clay shoot have served our country and allowed us to enjoy our freedoms, and this is our chance to do something to help give back for the all they have done for us.

Save the date: The event will take place Friday, June 14 at 8 am.



The two groups being featured are Hunts for Healing and the Pennsylvania Vets Foundation.  These two groups are out of Pennsylvania, but anyone from anywhere is welcome to register and participate in the clay shoot.

Hunts for Healing was founded in 2009 and established to sponsor wounded soldiers who were returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Right now the organization has most of its roots in Northeastern Pennsylvania, but its hopes to expand the program in the future.

The organization has volunteer guides, mentors, and trained field dogs aiding in the recovery of the heroes it helps.  All donations are tax deductible and will provide the soldiers with lodging, meals, hunting gears, fishing equipment, licenses, and other things.

The second organization is the Pennsylvania Vets Foundation.  Their mission is to assist and support the veterans and their families in Pennsylvania.  The group filed their articles of incorporation on Veterans Day, 2011 (11-11-11).  The group has  been very successful and hopes to continue the good they do.   During November 2011-November 2012 they raised over $100,000.


The groups are both here supporting an amazing cause.  The natural gas industry not only recognizes it, but also wants to support the cause — and they know many of you do too!  So what’s the next step?  Well, you could register today to attend the shoot and form a team!  The events are always full of fun and every person in attendance seems to enjoy a day away.  Please also consider sponsoring a station!


And if you’re not up for a day of competitive shooting, be sure to at least check out these two organizations’ websites and learn how you can help others in your community. Thank you to all the vets out there, including my father, Earl Colley, and EID’s own John Krohn!

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