The New York Attorney General’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week

The first week of the New York attorney general’s trial against ExxonMobil over its application of a proxy cost of carbon didn’t get off to a great start. The attorney general’s office found itself getting admonished by New York Supreme Court Justice Barry Ostrager for wasting the court’s time, and the week concluded with Justice Ostrager threatening to end the attorney general’s case early.

Nearly four years after the investigation was first announced, the attorney general’s office has tried multiple legal arguments, sifted through millions of pages of ExxonMobil’s documents, and in order to save face, brought a lawsuit against the company inquiring about its accounting practices. As Bloomberg’s Erik Larson explained “what was originally advertised as a frontal assault on Big Oil for fueling the planetary climate crisis has—over the years—been transformed into the kind of hair-hurting corporate accounting lawsuit more common to the courthouses just a few subway stops north of Wall Street.”

Go to EID Climate to read what you need to know as we head into week two of New York Attorney General’s trial against ExxonMobil over its application of a proxy cost on carbon.

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