The Rockefellers, Bloomberg Take Credit for Biden LNG Pause

Billionaire “philanthropists” like the Rockefellers often claim to care about noble causes like the security of the United States’ European allies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But it turns out that a campaign targeting liquified natural gas (LNG) exports–which will cause harm to both of those causes–takes priority.

A recent Wall Street Journal article details how the Rockefellers, Michael Bloomberg, and other wealthy donors funneled millions to environmental groups protesting the buildout of new LNG facilities expected to export energy to Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world.

While this revelation surprised some—including respected energy commentators—there is little shock and awe to be had when you consider that these anti-fossil fuel billionaires have been behind campaigns such as Keystone XL opposition, fossil fuel divestment, natural gas stove bans, and climate litigation. Now they’re taking credit for President Biden’s dangerous pause on LNG export terminals? Checks out!

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