The Seinfeld Trial (Trial about Nothing): Six Questions for the NYAG as Closing Statements Begin

After four years of investigation and 11 days of trial testimony, the famed New York “Exxon Knew” trial will come to an end tomorrow following brief closing statements from the two parties. What’s clear among reasonable observers is that the NYAG failed “to produce any definitive evidence that the oil company intentionally misled investors about how it accounted for climate-change risks.” Indeed, New York Supreme Court Justice Barry Ostrager himself became increasingly skeptical of the State’s case in the trial’s early days, even threatening to rest their case prematurely, after just the first week of what the Wall Street Journal editorial board deemed a “show trial.”

So, as the trial comes to a close tomorrow, we at Energy In Depth (and everyone else paying attention to this dumpster fire) can’t help but ask the NYAG several pointed questions over at EID Climate.

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