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The Sunday Shale Show: 2012 Year In Review

This year, Energy in Depth set out to interview key stakeholders in Ohio that have insight regarding Ohio’s Utica shale development. Along the way, “The Sunday Shale Show” concept was set in motion. This format allows for an in-depth (no pun intended) conversation about a wide range of topics. As we close out 2012 and look towards 2013, and as development and investment in eastern Ohio continue to grow, these insightful interviews provide insight into the conversations and topics that have been in the hearts and minds of Ohioans all across the state.

A quick search on YouTube using the words The Sunday Shale Show will load all of the video interviews Energy in Depth has shot over the last year.

In 2013, Energy in Depth will continue to track down the people and topics that need to be showcased and explained. Stay tuned next year!

One of the first stops along the way was to sit down with Tom Stewart, the Ohio Oil & Gas Association’s Executive Vice President, to talk about the current state of regulations in Ohio.

Most people believe that Ohio now has the most stringent, our Governor likes to say that, the most stringent (disclosure) laws of any of the producing states here in the United States while still offering protections to people that engage in the industry – Tom Stewart, Ohio Oil and Gas Association

Energy in Depth sat down with several producers in order to gain  direct knowledge of what is happening in the industry. Below you will see our chat with David Hill. President, David R. Hill Inc.:

Oil and gas education is very important to me, I want the folks of southeastern Ohio to realize what we are doing, it is easy to fear the unknown. – Dave Hill, David R. Hill, Inc.

Since much of the talk about Utica development involves industry investment, Energy in Depth sat down with Tony Paglia of the Youngstown Regional Chamber of Commerce.

We have more companies looking at this area than we ever have. – Tony Paglia, Youngstown Regional Chamber

Ohio’s historic labor industry has been a large part of the puzzle in our oil and natural gas development. Energy in Depth talked with several key labor leaders this year, including Butch Taylor of Local 396.

Prior to the announcement of V&M Star, we had 40% unemployment and from that point and over the last couple of years we have full employment, really a great and bright future. Butch Taylor, Local 396 Plumbers and Pipefitters

Utica development is still in the very early stages and will have lasting benefits for the entire state. With common sense regulation, strong workforce development, and continued demand for the resource, Ohio is poised to benefit from the Utica Shale.  We hope you continue to follow for more of these encouraging and informative discussions.

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