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The Sunday Shale Show: Guest, Scott Smith, P.E., Environmental Resources Management

For The Sunday Shale Show this week, Energy in Depth sat down with Mr. Scott Smith, a professional engineer with Environmental Resources Management (ERM). ERM has over 5,000 employees working in 39 countries. In Ohio, ERM hosts two separate locations in Cleveland and Cincinnati that work on shale development.   The Cleveland operations has 13 staff members while the Cincinnati operations has 25 employees.

 I defiantly see this being a wave that will create more jobs in Ohio and produce more opportunities for our company, our business. – Scott Smith, ERM (3:57)

As Mr. Smith acknowledged, there is great potential in the future development of our state’s shale deposits, and its potential is recognized worldwide, with more and more interest and investment coming in to the Buckeye State.

For this reason, ERM and other organizations (like Energy in Depth) have placed a priority on educating the public about the industry, its practices, and the incredible benefits this continued development will bring for Ohio’s workforce and its communities.

Energy in Depth thanks Mr. Smith for his efforts, and for joining us on The Sunday Shale Show. We look forward to continuing to work with those working directly or indirectly with the oil and gas industry to provide in-depth analysis of what’s taking place in Ohio (and beyond), and what it means for our communities and our state.

Stay tuned for The Sunday Shale Show next week!

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